Type of post: Newsletter
Posted By: David Harris
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 13 Mar 2020

In the second of our articles about how and why members of our chorus came to join us, we hear from Les Martin, who was one of the three Coventry Barbershoppers who received their 25 years medals at last year at Convention. This is what Les had to say:

Walking through West Orchard Shopping Centre in Coventry in 1992 , I heard male voices singing above me-knowing I wasn't due a draft to Heaven in the near future  I went to investigate and found a bunch of guys singing what I now know to be BARBERSHOP.

I liked the sound so when I was recruited by one of my neighbours , I started my 27 year apprenticeship with The Sound of Three Spires Harmony Chorus , we've had our ups and downs like "all lovers do "but we're still singing -it is all about harmony after all.

I've made some lifelong friends over the years and met and heard some amazing singers who've entertained me.

It's a therapeutic hobby that makes me happy--I don't know about the guys around me on the risers ( ? ) but I'm still getting away with it.......HAPPILY !

Next month we hope to feature the one and only, (thank goodness there is only one of him!!) Mr Hank Bird