NEW Video Series Announced On The History of Judging Barbershop Singing

Type of post: Chorus news item
Posted By: David Harris
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 9 Nov 2020

I expect a lot of you die hard barbershoppers are aware of the weekly newsletter from the US called Livewire. I hadn't heard of it until Tony forwarded a copy to me last week. Follow the link above if you want more information.
I am sharing this because of a new series of videos on Youtube from Kevin Keller. He will be tracing the changes in judging singing which in turn led to changes in the way that people sang. It starts in the 1930s so you may want to start in a few weeks when he gets nearer to the present day.
I have put a link to his introductory video which is only 4 minutes long!

NEW Video Series Announced

Join Kevin Keller on a journey through BHS contest and judging history! Each episode of this 11-part video series is approximately one hour long, with new episodes releasing every few weeks over the coming months.

Kevin writes:
This series is a labor of love for me. As a result, these videos and materials will be free. I don't want anyone to not have access to this valuable historic information. If you have more to add to what I’ve shared, please contribute all along the way. This study is not exhaustive and the earlier years definitely have gaps in our knowledge. Below is a link to the first video about the early years. I hope you’ll join me along this journey. Enjoy!