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Posted By: David Harris
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Date Posted: Thu, 23 Sep 2021
Hi All,

I thought I had better bring you up to date with Tuesday evenings at the Club.

Those of you who were at Rehearsals this week will have heard the news that because of (temporary) financial problems they are closing the club at 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This obviously meant that our rehearsal couldn't go ahead. Luckily the Club has agreed to a compromise and we now have exclusive use of the club from 7-9pm, in return for an increase in our rent.

With rising power costs being a factor in their initial decision, we have agreed to only use the bar or the lounge for our rehearsals. Shanna will obviously decide which is the more suitable, it may also depend on how many of us are there as well. So our home is secured for the immediate future!


This will be our last rehearsal in the Leofric Suite for the time being. Shanna has said that it will be mask free as it is a large space and she will probably be on stage to get away from us all, plus she expects us all to do a test to make sure we are safe to attend.

It would be great to see as many people as possible as we have been struggling for numbers recently. I know people have been away or unable to sing in a mask so this is your big chance.

It would be also nice if we could have an after glow in the bar?????? Subject to football being on. At least a few of us having a drink will put a bit of money back into the bar!

Shanna will obviously send out a song list but I know we are doing the middle bit of California Dreaming and When She Loved Me, so you can start rehearsing those.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.